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14 Mar 2017

Ralph T.

I was worried since the refinancing process seemed complicated. But Lillian’s skill and professional knowledge made me feel more comfortable with the application process than before. Lillian is patient, empathetic, strategic, and genuinely looking to provide a level of service that is in the best interest of the customer.

– Ralph T.

14 Mar 2017

Gabriela A.

Lillian has assisted me with my home loan. She was reliable, efficient and caring throughout the stressful time. She did an amazing job with the cooperation and really made it possible for me to buy a home. I would recommend Lillian to new home buyers and anyone looking for a great and stress free experience!

– Gabriela A.

14 Mar 2017

Vera P.

Lillian’s expertise helps simplify the loan process. She has great products with competitive rates, and excellent customer service. Overall, the experience was beyond the best.

– Vera P.

14 Mar 2017

Peter K.

Lillian made everything in my commercial loan application easy and smooth, I didn’t have to worry about the complication of the process.  She is very efficient, easy to do business with and friendly. I will definitely recommend Lillian Lachica.

– Peter K.

14 Mar 2017

Jose C.

The best mortgage experience and one of the best customer service experiences my mom and I have ever had. Lillian recently guided us through every step of the reverse mortgage process for my mom. I was not sure how complicated the loan process will be, but Lillian made me feel much better about the application as she did a terrific job walking us through the process. We’re surely thankful for her professional knowledge, hard work and honesty.

– Jose C.

14 Mar 2017

Suresh M.

I was concerned about hidden fees and charges prior to the application for my home loan.​ ​M​y realtor recommended Lillian Lachica. ​She​ made the loan process very easy for me and I am very satisfied with the expertise and services provided. I would recommend this agent to anyone looking for a great mortgage consultant. Lillian ​knows the job very well and most importantly is extremely helpful.

– Suresh M.

27 Jan 2017

Susana R.

Lillian recently helped me applying a new home loan, she was friendly and showed great concern about me & my family’s needs.  Best experience with my home purchase, thanks!

– Susana R.



28 Oct 2015

Peggy T.

Ms. Lachica impressed me with her level of cooperation and helped me so much to find a home loan.

– Peggy T.

28 Oct 2015

Ezequiel B.

It was an amazing experience with Lillian. She was friendly and showed great concern about me & my family’s needs.

– Ezequiel B.

09 Sep 2015

Rosaura G.

I was impressed with the cooperation and customer service that Lillian provided.

– Rosaura G.