Loan Process

It is easy to fall in the “trap” of confusing terms such as pre-qualification, qualification and pre-approved. For this reason, we like to use the terminology of the initial step as the “preparation” process where you will clearly understand the steps and be pre-qualified. Whether or not you feel you are ready for a new purchase or refinance, we suggest a convenient, no-obligation initial appointment.

Step 1: Preparation and Prequalification

We are fortunate to have competitive rates and so many loan programs to choose from. But, which combination is best to suit your needs? Contact us!

Step 2: Loan Programs & Rates Comparison

The difference between getting approved, delayed or in the worst case not approved for the program of your choice sometimes is the complete submission of your file. Allow us to serve you with our knowledge and vast experience.

Step 3: Professional Application Processing

So close, yet so far! This is the most important step. Successfully hand holding you through this step is going to be a rewarding experience. We want you shipping champagne, not popping aspirins at this stage!!

Step 4: Pre-approval

This is an intermediate stage that is critical for the purchase of your new home or the refinance of your existing home. This important stage can serve as the penultimate step and secure your new home/loan.

Step 5: Final Approval & Loan Closure